With PayPal, you can send money to anyone. To do this, it is sufficient to have the recipient's email address.

In order to transfer money to another user's account in the paypal payment system, you must have your account in this system, or a credit or debit card.

Options for transferring money using paypal:

Transfers from your personal account

A personal account in the system is an e-mail address. To do this, go to your paypal account and select the "Send payment" item there. To send a payment, you must specify the e-mail address of the person to whom the money is sent, then specify the amount and currency of the transfer, which can be done in the section "Personal payments" in the "Other" item. It is important not to forget to check the completed payment details.

The minimum transfer amount is $ 0.01, which isis one of the virtues of Paypal. This payment system is also designed for the implementation of micropayments. Transfers in the Paypal system are instant, the money arrives at the recipient's account in a few seconds.

Transfers from a personal bank card

If you need to transfer a certain amountanother person, but there are not enough funds on the paypal account, you can write off the remaining amount from the card. To do this, the card must be tied and verified. You can pay for purchases and transfer money directly from the card, even if the paypal account is empty. Citizens of Russia are prohibited from replenishing their account from the card, so the money passes through a personal account paypal in transit and is credited to another user's account immediately.

Paypal commission

When making a payment, the card is withhelda commission of 3.4% and an additional $ 0.30. This commission can be paid by both the sender and the recipient. In order not to pay extra fees, you can remove the tick from the point about payment of the commission. Then the commission amount will be deducted from the payee.

How to transfer yandex.dengi to paypal

In order to transfer PayPal to Yandex Moneyor vice versa, you need to contact the exchange service. You can choose a trusted exchange service by monitoring the e-currency rates ElRates.net.

Monitoring sorts all available offers in the order of "profitability", so it is not only a safe, but also an economical way.

The monitoring site should be selected in the leftcolumn PayPal, in the right - Yandex.Money. Further from the offered list of services working in the given direction, it is necessary to choose necessary. To complete the exchange you need to go to the exchange service website.

For more information about payment with PayPal, see How to Pay with Paypal.

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