Earnings through the Internet - a pleasant thing. You sit at home, avoid contact with management, do not care about the dress code, do not waste time in street traffic. It would seem that some pluses. But the earnings on the Internet have the opposite side. One of the difficulties of home earnings is cashing in with webmoney, for example. And webmoney is by far the most widespread payment system. It is her who uses the vast majority to receive charges for working on the Internet.

Basic methods of cashing out

There are several ways to cash out webmoney:

  • With the help of a money transfer system: Contact, Unistream, Anelik, Leader, Allure, Golden Crown, Instant. To use this method, you must be on the territory of Russia, have at least a formal certificate on the website of the webmoney service (which implies the provision of the TIN and passport scanner). Transfers are possible only in rubles.
  • By mail order. Requirements for the implementation of the transfer are the same, only to receive money you will come with a passport to the post office. The waiting for the transfer will take from two to five days.
  • Through transfer to the Savings Bank card. The card should be attached to your Wmid. Waiting will take about a day, until the moment when the funds are on the card.
  • You can use the help of individuals who buy webmoney. In order to protect yourself, try to make such withdrawal operations only through reliable friends.
  • Another way is to pay from the account to the webmoneyvarious services through the Internet. This can be utilities, mobile communications and other services. And you can pay not only your expenses under these articles, but also undertake to pay for mobile communication, for example, for your relatives and friends, who in return, of course, will give their real money.
  • An excellent alternative to cashing out webmoney isshopping in online stores. Especially because today you can buy anything from the Internet. The main thing is to be able to search and carefully choose. You can also order goods via the Internet for your relatives and friends.

Those who still have questions about how to cash out the webmoney, it will be useful to read the article: How to withdraw Webmoney.

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