In the modern world, more people are switching toelectronic money and generate bank cards. And due to the fact that it became possible to take loans on favorable terms, some people switch from debit cards to credit cards. Get a credit card is not difficult, let's figure out how you can activate it.

How to activate your credit card

There are several options for activating a credit card. Much depends on the type of bank.

  • Card by mail / in the store. Most often this is how the Internet bank "Tinkoff" distributes its cards. A credit card in this bank can be ordered - then you will be delivered a letter with the card already inside. After opening the envelope, you will see several sheets, which will provide information about the bank, as well as the conditions for using the card. In the same place you will find a phone where you need to call, dictate your data (passport data, information about the place of residence, place of work). After that, the card will activate. About when the card will be active, you will be informed by phone.
  • Automatic activation is the most popular typeactivation. After the card was handed to you at the bank's office, activation will take place within 24 hours. If this method does not work, call the hotline of the bank.
  • ATM. Helps in a situation, if for some reason there is no automatic activation of the card. You will only need to insert a card and ask for a balance.

Activation of a credit card "Sberbank"

In "Sberbank", like any other bank, afterthe way you got the card in your hand, you will only have to wait 24 hours before activation. Keep in mind that the weekend can delay the activation time. If there is any failure in the program and your card is not activated, you can always call the hotline at 8 800 555 5550. You can also, as described above, find an ATM "Sberbank" and ask for a balance on the card or try to remove a small amount, for example, 100 rubles.

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