Each plastic card is tied toa certain personal account, and it is on it that all the money resources of the bank's customer are stored. Some owners of such cards never even think about why they need an account number and where it can be found out. Others need it almost every day for various operations. There are three main ways to find out the personal account of the Savings Bank. But first you need to talk about why this account is needed.

What is a personal account?

A personal account is a special combination of numbers, towhich is attached to a plastic card. Each card, regardless of whether it is debit or credit, has its own number. It is on this personal account that all money is transferred, on which they are kept.

Some clients of the Savings Bank mistakenly believe thatthis number is printed on the front of the card. In fact, this is not the account number, but the card number itself. Information about it you can find in our article - How to find the card account number. A personal account number is printed on an envelope, which is issued to the customer in the bank when opening an account.

How to find out a personal account in Sberbank

There are three main ways to find out the account number:

  • The easiest way is to find the bank envelope andlook at the account number on it. It is printed on the front side and consists of 16 digits. But this option is only suitable in cases where the envelope is at hand.
  • You can try to find this number in the network. So, the service "Sberbank online" allows you to find out the personal account within a few minutes. However, for this it is necessary to be already registered user in the system.
  • And the third option is to call in the helpservice of the bank or contact the nearest branch personally. In the first case, Sberbank will allow you to find out the personal account of the card only if you remember a special code word or a combination of numbers that was called at the time of writing the application for issuing the card. At a personal visit to the bank, a code word is not needed.

Sometimes for transfers or otheroperations you need to know and the details of the bank itself. And about how Sberbank customers can learn them, you will be told our article - How to find out the details of Sberbank.

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