When receiving a recipient's credit, it is alwaysI wonder what maximum amount the bank can give him. If the amount is small, then the client is asked to increase the credit limit, and each bank has its own recommendations on how to do it. Ways to increase the loan issued by cash in all banks are almost the same, but raising the limit credit on the card has different conditions depending on the bank.

Getting a large loan

Everyone who applies to the bank for a loan receivesa list of documents that must be provided for a decision on extradition. If the bank takes a positive decision, the maximum amount of money will be set. This is the credit limit. If you want to increase it, you need to contact the bank manager - he will tell you how to do it.

If this is your first time collaborating with thisbank and with banks in general, the limit will be quite low. If you have a credit history, and it is positive, the amount of possible credit immediately increases. A positive credit history means no delay in payments, timely or early full repayment of the loan. Remember that all banks have a single base created by security services. It reflects all the actions of customers who have ever cooperated with any bank. If you had problems in one bank, then they will necessarily be known in all the others, and the credit limit will be very low. Increase it is almost impossible, with a rare exception, when the recipient has several worthy guarantors.

Low credit you will have in the event that youdo not work anywhere or have low wages. To increase the limit, you can provide a certificate that you have worked more than half a year in a good place with a high monthly reward. And if you have an unlimited contract with the employer, the bank can significantly increase the amount of the loan.

Another significant fact of obtaining a largeamount as a loan for urgent needs or mortgages - work with the bank on a salary project. If the company in which you work, transfers you wages to a card tied to a service project, you can enjoy numerous benefits and receive significant bonuses, among which there is an increased minimum loan amount.

Credit limit on the card

Many citizens use loans for smalland get them with a credit card. Many banks are new to their credit system set a limit of 10 thousand rubles. And this step is completely justified, because the solvency of each particular new client is unknown. After a month or two, the recipient begins to wonder how to increase the credit card limit. Of course, if you already had loans on this card and they were paid on time, the bank will be supportive to you. Depending on the level of stability of the bank itself, you can be offered various conditions.

  • For example, Alfa Bank will provide you witha significantly increased limit if you have been using the card for six months and there have not been any violations on your part. Also, a significant role in this bank and in some others is the client's activity in terms of financial transactions and purchases. If you can submit a certificate of employment from Alfa-Bank and the amount of the requested limit will be 30% of your salary, then you have every chance to increase the maximum possible loan.
  • A slightly different way to increase the credit limitcards, offers the service "MTS-money." You can apply for an increase at any time, but it will be considered for 60 days. During this time you have to show yourself as a good user and payer. At the time of granting an increased limit, the card must not be blocked.
  • "City-Bank" increases the credit limit, ifcustomer high income and good activity on the card for 6 months. After six months of positive credit history, the bank gives 25% of the increase, in a year - 50%.
  • "Sberbank", like some other banks,independently makes decisions on raising the credit limit, often even when the client does not ask for it. The Bank conducts all kinds of shares, within their framework during a certain period of time, it is necessary to make a purchase for a specific amount. When this condition is met, the client automatically increases the credit limit.

Banks can set an increased limit onThe client's statement with a significant increase in wages. It is necessary to provide a certificate from the work on transferring to another position and on a new salary. After reviewing the document in the bank, the increase occurs on an individual basis. When considering many factors and the nature of credit history, one client can be offered one percent of the increase, another - another. "Sberbank" offers its customers a special gold card, which has a very favorable increased credit limit. It is awarded to those persons or business owners who have the lowest risks of becoming insolvent.

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