A bank card is a convenient way not onlykeep savings, but also make purchases and travel. With the help of a bank card, you can pay for utilities, order goods in online stores, transfer money to relatives and friends. It is very simple to take advantage of all these advantages, there are several ways to obtain a bank card.

Standard way

You can get a bank card directly inbranch of the bank. For this it is necessary to have a passport with you and apply to the nearest office to a bank employee. After that it is necessary to write an application for the issuance of a bank card, which indicates the type of card and the features of its use.

Payment for making a bank card canbe made at the bank's cash desk on the day of filing the application or on the day the card is issued. It is also possible to pay for this service after the card is issued - the required amount will be debited from the account when the balance of the new card is replenished.

Through the Internet

You can get a bank card from the comfort of your home. To do this, just need a computer and Internet access. It is necessary to register on the bank's website and fill out an online application for the issue of a bank card. In this case, you should pay attention to the conditions that the bank offers and on the particular use of the chosen type of card.

For example, you can get a Sberbank card, either directly in the Sberbank office, or by filling out an online application on the site.

In some cases, when filling out an online questionnairefor the production of a bank card, its release remains free. Also, it is possible to receive bonuses in the form of 100 free days of service, for example, such options are provided by Alfa Bank.

Types of cards

When making an application for issuing a card, you need to determine what type of card is required. There are at least 2 types of cards:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

A credit card is used toget a loan from the bank at the right time. For the use of borrowed funds, the consumer pays interest to the bank. To receive a credit card, you can also use the online bank, fill out an application, indicating in it passport data, place and length of service. Such information allows the bank to determine the solvency and reliability of the client. It is on the basis of these applications for issuance that the credit limit that the bank issues is determined.

When using a debit card, the customer does notpays interest for the use of money, as in the case of a credit card, the fee is only charged for servicing the card. The presence of such a card provides an opportunity to make purchases and instantly perform operations of replenishment and transfer of funds. Also it is necessary to remember that when you connect the "mobile bank" service, which is available in almost all banks, additional opportunities and advantages appear, which you can find out on the official site of the selected bank.

Classes of cards

The most famous bank cards are Visa and MasterCard payment systems, which allow owners to enjoy all the advantages of operations both in Russia and abroad.

The main classes of payment cards:

  • Lower: Visa Electron, Maestro;
  • Classic: Visa Classic, Mastercard Standart;
  • Privileged: Gold, Platinum.

Their differences are that, the higher the class, the moreopportunities and bonuses from the cardholder. It should be remembered that with the expansion of the range of services, the annual maintenance fee is increased. A privileged class of cards should be obtained with a stable high level of income, with low and average income, there is no reason to overpay for privileges.

How to choose a bank?

When choosing a bank to which you need to apply to receive a bank card, several important points should be considered:

  • The proximity of the bank and ATM to the place of residence, study, work;
  • Number of offices and ATMs in the city;
  • Presence of bank branches in Russia;
  • Possibility of interest-free withdrawal or replenishment of the account at ATMs of other banks or abroad.

Production time

The terms of making a bank card depend directly on the bank, on average, the card does not exceed 2 weeks.

After choosing the bank and the type of card, filling out the form for issuing the card, it only remains to wait for a while - and the bank card is ready!

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