QIWI payment system is actively usedusers of the Internet to pay for various types of services, money transfers, mutual settlements, the implementation of purchases in online stores, repayment of loans and other financial tasks. QIWI WALLET is popular not only in Russia, but also in other CIS countries.

In order to become a member of the QIWI system(KIWI), it is necessary to undergo a simple registration procedure. You should visit the official website www.qiwi.ru, specify the mobile phone number and in return receive the SMS-password required for confidential login. You can also go through this procedure using the terminal.

Payment for mobile communication

With the help of QIWI it is convenient and safe to implementany financial transactions on the Web. How to pay for "KIVI wallet" mobile services? To do this, you need to log in, select the "Mobile phone" section and find the required one among the list of operators. The form you need to fill out is very concise - you should enter the phone number and amount. After clicking on the "Pay" active zone, you will receive an SMS with a secret code, which you must enter in the window that appears. The code system improves the security of operations. The unique digital code entered by the QIWI user when executing the transaction confirms his consent to the payment.

Repayment of a loan

How to pay through the "KIVI" loan? Using QIWI, you can repay loans and replenish the cards of numerous credit institutions. Among them are such well-known banks as Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Russian Standard, VTB 24 and others. To make a payment, you must specify the account type and transaction type, payment method (currency type) and amount. Then the procedure will be similar to the payment for a mobile phone. Payment can be made in different currencies.

How to pay in "KIVI" with the help of mobilephone? The payment system has mobile applications for almost all the most popular platforms. The payment process is simple, it is the same as when using a terminal or stationary computers.

Payment of utility services

People who have a "KIVI wallet" can alsoto pay for it with utilities. In the "Communal Payments" section, you must select the organization for which the payment is planned. In the corresponding active windows, you must enter the payer code or personal account number, enter the amount and method of payment. Next, you need to wait for the SMS, which will be the secret code, and enter this code into the system.

Payment for games and entertainment

How to pay for your favorite online games using KIVI? You need to enter the "Entertainment" section and select the "Games" subsection. Users can replenish accounts in popular games such as Fight Club, Territory, New Era, Heroes: Revival and others. In the payment form it is necessary to enter the identification number of the character, the code or the individual account number, specify the amount and method of payment. The process of sending funds is similar to other types of payments.

When making payments with the help of "KIVI"the system may charge a small commission. Some types of payments do not involve commissions and are implemented with a zero rate. With the help of "KIVI" you can pay fines traffic police, parking, internet, TV and other numerous types of services.

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