Many users have to facetransfer money from Qiwi to WebMoney and vice versa. To carry out such an operation is not difficult for all those who use detailed instructions. It is given below.

How to translate Qiwi to Webmoney

If you need to transfer Qiwi to Webmoney, then proceed as follows:

  1. Go to your wallet in the Kivi system, for thisenter the password and the phone number that was specified during registration in the corresponding fields. Just note whether you have the necessary amount to transfer. If necessary, replenish KIVI wallet one of the ways described here: How to replenish Kiwi wallet.
  2. Go to the section "Providers", located incolumn on the left of the screen. In it, select the line "Webmoney LLC Guarantee Bureau". Then the form will open. You need to fill it out. In the line "Amount" indicate the necessary amount of money for the transfer. Enter the WebMoney purse number in the next field, and then click "Pay".
  3. Now you will have to wait, when the translationwill be sent to the recipient. This usually takes a few minutes. But if in the KIVI system there is an overload on transfers, the transaction can take place with some delays (no more than 2 hours).
  4. Please note that the minimum with the Kivi purseyou need to transfer 2 rubles, and the maximum can be transferred no more than 14,999 rubles. When making payments, the system will charge a commission of 5%.

How to transfer from Webmoney to Qiwi

If you need to translate from Webmoney to Qiwi a certain amount of money, it is required not only to have a purse in this system, but also necessarily a "Formal Certificate":

  1. Follow this link:, please log in and fill in the fields in the form on the page. Enter only valid data. Then you need to go to the "My Documents" tab and attach scans of your passport in it. Then it is necessary to wait no more than an hour. During this time, the administration of the system will check the documents and give you a formal certificate.
  2. Now go to the payment sitethe KIWI system. On the main page, pay attention to the right column. In it, click on the line "Binding the Webmoney account to the purse Qiwi. Then the form will appear. Fill it with reliable data. Please note that they must completely coincide with those that you indicated when registering with Webmoney. Then you just need to click on the "Snap" button.
  3. The system will begin checking the data. If they were entered correctly, a message will appear on the page with a proposal to continue binding the wallet. You need to go for this at the specified link. It will redirect to another page with a small form, in which you will need to enter the code. It will be automatically sent by payment system to your phone specified during registration in it. Then click the "Continue" button.
  4. A window will appear. It will be offered to transfer money. Choose the option "Webmoney on Qiwi" and specify the desired amount. As a result, an account will be generated, it is paid through the Webmoney system. You will need to go to it and find "from the Qiwi user" in the "Accounts" section. It will be necessary to confirm its payment with the "OK" button. Then the code will come to your phone, enter it into the opened window on the Webmoney website and click on "Pay".

If you are interested in how to transfer money to Webmoney in other ways, then read the article How to transfer money to Webmoney.

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