The modern world has long since switched to non-cashcalculation. In Russia, paper money is still very popular, but in our country more and more people prefer bank cards. It is often more convenient to use a bank card than cash. For example, from your bank card, you can easily transfer money to another person on his bank card. Let's consider in detail how to transfer money from the card to the card.

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In order to transfer money from the card to the card, you need to have the right amount of money to start with on the card. From the article How to transfer money to the card.

There are several ways to transfer money from the card to the card:

  • In the branch. To do this, you need to come to the bank and get on the electronic queue. If you are not a frequent guest of banks, do not worry, the consultant girl will quickly find a solution to your problem and explain how to do it. After your turn comes, you can get advice from a bank employee on how to make a transfer and what percentage of the transfer can take from you a bank.
  • Through the ATM. Russian banks are introducing e-payment technology. In each bank you will find an ATM, through which you can easily and easily transfer money to a card to another person. How to do this, read in the article How to transfer money through an ATM.
  • Online services. For example, the most popular bank "Sberbank" has an online Sberbank service through which you can not only transfer money, but also perform many other operations. The site is very convenient to navigate, also you can not only transfer money, but also create templates, so that next time you do not enter the card number again, but simply change the amount of payment. Keep in mind, in order to use this service, you must first connect it.

It is important not to forget that the transfer with creditcard to debit is possible not in all types of cards and not in all banks. In turn, with a debit card you can make a credit transfer. Therefore, ask the bank operator or on the Internet about the conditions for using your card.

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