You will agree that the whole chicken fried is very beautifully looked on the table. But how beautiful to decorate a chicken?

  1. There is a rule that dishes decoratethose products that are used in its preparation. Those. if you stuff a chicken with mushrooms, it's logical for them to decorate it - for example, lay out the baked champignons under a cheese cap.
  2. The easiest way, how to decorate a fried chicken, is to draw a grid of mayonnaise or ketchup on it. Instead of a grid, you can make curls or even an inscription.
  3. A garnish can become a beautiful decoration. For example, cook potatoes until half cooked, and then cook it in boiling butter. Blanch pieces of potatoes put on a dish around the chicken and add greens.
  4. The egg can be cut into half-boats and put around the chicken, dropping on each mayonnaise or stuffing halves with chicken liver pate.
  5. Greenery will suit any dish made from chicken - you can put it on a dish and even on the chicken itself.
  6. From thin leaves of cheese, you can make kulechki, put olives in them and lay them on the rim of the dish.
  7. Cucumbers can be cut into rings and laid around the chicken, or you can cut out leaves from them. There you can also put half a tomato.
  8. Olives and olives are put whole or cut into rings on the greens around the chicken.
  9. The chicken in the festive decoration is very well combined with citrus (lemon, lime, orange), cut rings and lined with greens.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a chicken. Do not be afraid to experiment. After all, only on your imagination depends on what you surprise your guests.

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