Agatha Christie, "Ten Little Indians"

Agatha Christie's name needs no introduction, shelong given the palm of the primacy among the writers of the detective genre. The book contains the best novels of Agatha Christie, where the writer's ability to come up with intricate stories and find unexpected original solutions was fully manifested. On the pages of the book, readers will meet with the favorite character of Agatha Christie, the detective Erkule Poirot, who with brilliance manifests his analytical abilities in revealing the most puzzling crimes.

Agatha Christie, "Murder on the Orient Express"

Even if there are too many suspects and the motives for the crime are unclear, the brilliant detective Hercule Poirot will find the right way in the maze of criminal intrigue. He unmistakably identifies the killer on the train.

Daphne du Maurier, "Rebecca"

"Rebecca" - not just the most famous novel by DaphneDumore. Not just a book on which the cult film of A. Hitchcock was filmed. Not just a work that laid the stylistic basis of all the "intellectual thrillers" of our days.

"Rebecca" is a novel unique, terrible - and transparent, simple - and elite. A novel without which there would not exist either the Steppe Wolf Hesse or the Carrie King.

Chuck Palahnik, "Fight Club"

Before you - a cult novel "Fight Club" intranslation of A. Egorenkov. A kind of manifesto of "angry young people" of our time ... This is the most amazing and most scandalous book of the 1990s. The book in which the lips of Chuck Palahniika spoke not just the "X generation", but - the "X generation" already embittered, already lost its last illusions. Have you watched the movie "Fight Club"? Then - read the book, on which it was removed!

Stephen King, "The Dark Tower"

A cycle of eight novels by an American writerStephen King, narrating about the long wanderings of Roland Descain's arrow. The ultimate goal of the quest is the Dark Tower - a legendary place that keeps all the worlds from destruction and chaos. This cycle of books mixes many genres, such as: fantasy, western, fantasy and horror. Stephen King calls this cycle his magnum opus. In addition to these seven books, the author mentions the characters of the Dark Tower in many of his other works.

Joanne Harris, "Gentlemen and Players"

The Privileged School of St. Oswald is alwayswas famous for its flawless order and exceptional goodwill. It's hard to even imagine that something bold, outrageous, glaring can happen here. However, this happens. It starts with some minor misunderstanding, but gradually the events grow like a snowball. Against St. Oswald, there is a secret war, leading to its complete destruction. And no one knows that the roots of what is happening are a thing of the past, when the suffering child has firmly decided to take revenge on the school for his humiliation.

Diane Setterfield, "Thirteenth Fairy Tale"

For the first time in Russian - "The Thirteenth Fairy Tale" by DianaSetterfield is a recognized masterpiece of modern English prose, a book that opened to the general public the genre of "neo-Gothic" and made Anglo-American critics talk about the return of the golden age of the British novel, fanned by the names of Charlotte Bronte and Daphne du Maurier. The debut novel of a modest teacher, the rights to which were bought for unprecedented money for a budding author (800 thousand pounds for a British edition, a million dollars for an American one), outperformed the best sellers of recent years, was instantly translated into several dozen languages ​​and was awarded honorary reviewers the name of the "new" Jane Eyre. "

Ian McEwen, "The Atonement"

A hot summer day of 1934 ...

Three young people, embraced by a premonition of love ...

The first kisses, the first sense of boundless happiness - and involuntary betrayal, forever changed the fate of the three and became for them the beginning of an entirely different life ...

"Atonement" is amazing in itsthe sincerity of the "chronicle of lost time" of pre-war England, led by a teenage girl, overestimating and reinterpreting the events of "adult" life in her own bizarre and childish way.

Kurt Vonnegut, "The Sirens of Titan"

In the novel, Vonnegut calls the possible meaningexistence of mankind, and this meaning shows the vanity and fleetingness of many universal values. At first it seems that some novel heroes use others for their own purposes, but it gradually becomes clear that someone else has also used them cruelly and senselessly.

Ian M. Banks, "The Aspen Factory"

The famous novel of an outstanding Scotsman, the mostscandalous debut in English prose of recent decades. Meet Frank's sixteen year old. He killed three. He is not what he seems. He is not what he thinks he is. Welcome to the island, which guard the Sacrificial Pillars. In the house where the deadly Aspen Factory is waiting in the attic.

Boris Akunin, "Azazel"

Erast Fandorin is only twenty years old, but helucky, fearless, noble and attractive. But most importantly - he is a born detective. Young Erast Petrovich serves as a clerk in the police department, but he is confronted with an intricate business in the service of his duty. He is being taken for an investigation. Strange suicide student - the heir to a large fortune leads Fandorin to some major underground organization, in which very influential people are involved. During the investigation, Erast will face dangerous adversaries, several times be on the verge of death, fall in love and lose his love forever.

Mark Levy, "Where are you?"

What does a person need to be happy? Is it possible for mutual love to keep from searching for the meaning of life?

"Where are you?" Is a psychological drama. A beautiful love story. The novel that everyone chooses his own way ... Although much in life is predetermined by childhood dreams and nightmares.

The main characters Philip and Susan could becomean ideal couple when their childhood friendship grew into serious love, but ... some force makes a girl run from family well-being to the end of the world. What does she acquire among the raging hurricanes and their endless victims? Where do dreams go and what is their price?

Events develop against the background of real wars and natural disasters, emphasizing the fragility of human existence.

Chuck Palahniuk, "The Invisible Man"

"Invisible people". The novel that Chuck Palanik wrote long before the Fight Club. Very few people appreciated this book. Now - finally! It became clear: Chuck Palanik was always good. Just the time to take his prose came not just at once ...
This book is written by her narrator in her own blood.
When you read it, you get the feeling that Chak Palanik wrote her own blood ...

Gillian Flynn, "Disappeared"

Everything was ready for the celebration of the five-yearthe anniversary of the marriage life, when suddenly one of the perpetrators of the celebration was inexplicably lost. There were traces of fighting in the house, the blood that they were obviously trying to erase, and a chain of "keys" in a game called "treasure hunting"; a beautiful, intelligent and incredibly inventive wife every year suited her for her adored husband.

And it seems that these "keys" - posted by her here andthere are strange notes and no less strange trinkets - give the only chance to shed light on the fate of the disappeared. But just do not have to "hunter" in the process of searching to reveal to the world and a couple of their own little sympathetic secrets?

Christopher Priest, "Prestige"

The novel "Prestige" (1995) is devoted to rivalrytwo English illusionists who spoke in the late XIX - early XX century: Alfred Borden and Rupert Enger. Conflict of magicians, who sought to undermine the prestige of a competitor, boiled down to contrasting other "prestige" - the effects of prestige. Therefore, the writer reveals two secrets on the pages of the book. In the case of Alfred Borden, the secret is almost elementary. He has the features that the illusionist David Devant already said well in the century before last: "Striking stage effects are often achieved as a result of such ridiculous gimmicks that the magician is simply ashamed to admit how he does it." But in the case of Enger, everything turns out to be much more serious.

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