What kind of plant is a yucca? For those who have not yet acquired this miracle, we will tell briefly. Yucca is a decorative evergreen plant belonging to the Agavov family. It occurs in the arid regions of North and Central America, if we talk about the nature of origin. There are quite a few branches of this breed of plants, about forty. Yucca is perfectly adapted to life in arid regions, its leaves evaporate very little moisture and even vice versa, they can absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The trunk, thanks to the looseness, preserves the accumulated moisture for a long time. Let's find out how to take care of the yucca, this wonderful plant.

Care of the yucca: rules

How to take care of yucca? Many for some reason believe that yucca does not require a scrupulous approach or careful care of yourself. I hasten to inform you that this is not true. On sale, most often cropped trunks of the plant with minor lateral shoots. So, for such a plant, the root system is far less powerful than the more free natural analogues. Accordingly, it requires great attention and care from the owner of the plant.

Many questions arise about howtake care of the yucca palm tree at home. Note that the most important factor necessary for your plant to take root in a new place is moisturizing. Watering in general is a feature of the care of yucca. How to care for a flower yucca, not to dry, but not pour excessively? Accurate with watering in principle: try to spray more than watering, not excluding watering completely, of course.

Determine the need for yucca in watering most easilyyou can by the behavior of the leaves. Be careful, better less than more. Because excessive watering will lead to stagnation of water, and this is fraught with the fact that the roots of the plant will begin to rot.

Yucca in summer

Yucca loves light, but direct strong sunlightdoes not love. For the summer, plant the plant in such a way that it receives a sufficient amount of sunlight, while avoiding falling rays. When the sun is at its zenith, their influence is maximized.

Feeding yucca begins in the spring, later observe the interval once every two months. Not more often!

Care for a yucca in winter

How to take care of yucca in winter? It is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the season - lack of sunlight. It is necessary to move the plant to a cool place, but observing positioning relative to light: the sunny side, without options.

In winter, the plant does not need feeding as well as in spraying. Just to the extent of watering the plant in a traditional way, letting the land dry for a couple of centimeters.

Regarding cold resistance: yucca, despite its "hot" roots, easily hibernates at a temperature not lower than +8 Celsius. Not for long, but can still tolerate cooling up to +5, however this is highly discouraged.

So we found out how to take care of the yucca. You can tell your friends!

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