One of the popular indoor plants is the phalaenopsis orchid. She is insanely beautiful, and you will not have much trouble caring for her.

Tips florists how to care for phalaenopsis orchids

  1. Temperature regime. It all depends on the time of the year. In summer phalaenopsis orchids are better to create air temperature + 20-25 degrees, and in winter - +16-18 degrees. Do you want the orchid to blossom? For this, it is recommended to monitor that between day and night there was a temperature difference of 3-5 degrees. In general, phalaenopsis orchids adapt well to conditions of detention.
  2. Lighting. The length of a light day for a phalaenopsis orchid should be at least 14 hours. Optimal to put the flower on the west or east window, but you can place it in the back of the room under a special lamp for plants or under a fluorescent white light lamp. Provide in the autumn-winter period highlighting your favorite orchid.
  3. Watering. Carry out it in two ways: from a watering can or by dipping a pot into a basin of water. The water temperature should be equal to the air temperature. Spray the leaves daily 3-5 times a day, especially in winter.
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