Forbes magazine published the annual rating of the highest paid people in Russia. The list includes names whose salaries are estimated at millions of dollars.

10. Mikhail Kuzovlev - $ 9.5 million per year.


Former president of the Bank of Moscow, and now headboard of the bank "Russian Capital". It is noteworthy that over the past year, Mr. Kuzovlev received $ 17 million, almost twice as much as in this. Crisis, however, who is now easy?

9. Vladimir Yakunin - $ 11 million per year.


The former head of the Russian Railways, who in August this year left his post. Last year, his salary was $ 15 million in this - also had to "pozhazhsya."

8. Ruben Aganbegyan - $ 11 million per year.


Chairman of the Board and General Director of JSC Otkrytie Holding. To say that Mr. Aganbegyan's income has increased or decreased, it is impossible, because earlier he was not included in this list.

7. Mikhail Shamolin - $ 11.6 million a year.


President of AFK Sistema. A year ago his income was $ 15 million.

6. Herman Gref - $ 13.5 million per year.


The head of Sberbank also turned out to be among those whose income this year fell. Last year, he earned $ 16 million.

5. Ivan Streshinsky - $ 15 million per year.


The head of the board of directors of Metalloinvest and a member of the board of directors of USM Holdings. Unlike previous participants in the list, its revenues remained the same as last year.

4. Dmitry Razumov - $ 15 million per year.


General Director of the Onexim Group. His salary, too, has not changed compared to last year.

3. Igor Sechin - $ 17.5 million per year.


Head of Rosneft. Unfortunately, there is no way to say how much Mr. Sechin's income has declined for the year. The fact is that for his previous awards Forbes estimated, but had no right to publish because of the lawsuit on the suit Sechin to the editorial office. Nevertheless, revenues for the year still fell.

2. Andrew Costin - $ 21 million per year.


That's who really had the worst, so it's the chairman of the board of VTB Andrei Kostin. A year ago his salary was $ 37 million, and now some miserable $ 21 million. How can we live on them at all?

1. Alexey Miller - $ 27 million


But the chairman of the board of Gazprom AlexeiMiller was luckier than anyone else: he is the only one on this list, whose earnings by the end of the year even increased. Last year, he received $ 25 million in this - $ 27 million. Probably an award, or 13 salaries. In any case, Mr. Miller for the first time topped the list of the highest-paid top managers in Russia, this is a success.

Source: Forbes.

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