Honore de Balzac became famous for his "Humancomedy "- a large collection of novels and novels that depict the life of the contemporary French writer in all its colors and all kinds of manifestations. Balzac, like many famous writers, was famous for his apt statements about life. Today we quote the French classic!

  • Nobility of the senses not always accompanied by the nobility of manners.
  • Everything comes in its time for those who can wait.
  • The most ugly habit of dwarf minds is to attribute your spiritual misery to others.
  • The ideal beauty, the most exquisite appearance, are worthless, if nobody admires them.
  • Virtues can do harm if they are not illuminated by the light of reason.
  • Love is an amazing counterfeiter, constantly turning not only copper coins into gold, but often gold in copper coins.
  • No one becomes a friend of a woman if she can be her lover.
  • Laughter only booms in a company where everyone feels equal.
  • Where all the hunchbacks, a beautiful figure becomes ugly.
  • The jealous man does not really doubt in his wife, but in himself.
  • Talent in a man - the same as beauty in a woman - is just a promise. In order to be truly great, his heart and character must be equal to his talent.
  • To reach the goal, we must first go.
  • Anyone who can manage a woman will cope with the state.
  • Never provide services that you do not ask for.
  • A terrible, incessant struggle is mediocrity with those who surpass it.
  • Confessing his weakness, a person becomes stronger.
  • He who seeks millions, very seldom finds them, but he who does not seek them, never finds it!
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