In case of global repair or purchasenew housing you need to think about equipping the bathroom, because in this room everyone wants to feel comfortable. It is very important not to miscalculate with the purchase of suitable plumbing so that in the future you do not have to overpay for replacement and repair of components.

It is useful to find out in advance how to choose a toilet bowl,a washbasin and a bath so that before you go to the store you already had an idea of ​​what you need. This article will tell you what to look for when choosing a bath for a bathroom in your home.

When buying a bath in the first place, the question arises of the material from which it is made. Which bath to choose - acrylic, steel or cast iron?

Cast iron

Cast iron can keep heat for a long time, itdurable and durable. It has several drawbacks, among which the most significant is fragility. Of cast iron, only oval or rectangular bathtubs are made. The bath must be very high quality and durable, the service life in this case is not less than 30 years.

  • The walls of the bath should not be thinner than 5 mm., The composition should be silicon, manganese and sulfur, which impart strength to the product.
  • The presence of a double enamel coating in compliance with technical requirements.
  • High cost due to high material qualities and modern production technologies.
  • The big weight of a bath - from 120 kg. It is difficult to mount such a product, but you can be sure of the strength of sanitary ware.
  • Please note that you can mount the bath only along the wall or in the middle of the bathroom.

Cast-iron bath is suitable for those who prefer expensive classics, ready to invest in quality and reliability and want to install a bath near the wall or in the center of the room.


Steel - the material is strong, but unlike cast ironIt can not keep heat for long and has shorter service lives. Rapidly heats up and cools quickly, so taking a hot bath for a long time without adding new water will not work. The average life of a steel bath is 20-30 years.

  • The recommended wall thickness is more than 0.25 cm. Otherwise, a thin product can bend under the weight of the human body.
  • The mass of the product made of steel is 25-50 kg. Less weight indicates that the manufacturer has saved on the quality of materials.
  • Inexpensive options have the following disadvantages: a thin coating easily collapses, it quickly appears chipped, does not hold heat, makes a lot of noise when filled with water, a thin material can bend under the weight of the human body.
  • Among the advantages: a variety of sizes and shapes, affordable cost, easy installation and subsequent maintenance.

Steel bath is suitable for those who want to save moneyand purchase an affordable version, perhaps of unusual shape. You can choose a steel bath, which can then be installed almost anywhere in the bathroom.


Acrylic permanently keeps water hot, like cast iron. From it, as well as from steel, baths of different forms are made. Baths made of acrylic are easy to equip with hydromassage systems. The material has an affordable cost.

  • Wide functionality, a wide variety of designs and forms, affordable cost are the main advantages of such products.
  • The strength of the bath will depend on the laminationits walls. Thin walls may bend. To impart strength to the walls, epoxy resin is applied in several layers, and glass fiber is placed between them. This method gives low strength. The higher is achieved by means of a casting method: first, a strong fiberglass base is made, which is then poured with acrylic - this achieves high strength, but at the same time the cost of the product also increases.
  • The weight of the bath should correspond to its length. Baths up to 150 cm long should weigh 15-20 kg., And a length of 170 cm - 20-25 kg. In any case, the weight should be not less - otherwise the manufacturer can be suspected of saving on materials.
  • It is easy to install a whirlpool.
  • To strengthen the strength, you can install a metal frame.
  • Requires gentle care. You can clean using special cleaning agents, you can not use aggressive and abrasive chemicals - they can ruin the appearance of the product and reduce the service life. Acrylic can also easily color, for example, during the washing of colored clothing.

Acrylic bath is worth buying to those who want to buy an inexpensive, noiseless option with a whirlpool function, as well as those who have a small bathroom.

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