Modern fashionable wave in the interior suggestsfunctionality, ecological compatibility, simplicity, minimalism and delicate taste. Modular kitchens meet all these qualities. If you choose an interior for a kitchen area in a new home or just want to update the familiar atmosphere, you can pick up a kitchen in this style. You can consider completely different inexpensive modular kitchens in Moscow and choose the most suitable option for you. Find and order your dream kitchen without leaving your home: a large and varied choice is offered by the online furniture store "Nadommebel".

What is a modular kitchen?

This type of kitchen has established itself in the market asquality, inexpensive and functional option that fits well in any interior. This kitchen consists of modules that look like a designer. The headset is created from different parts, collecting them with each other by connecting. Furniture for such kitchens has one common basis in terms of design and style. The backbones of cabinets can serve as a basis - with the help of them you can form various combinations.

Advantages of modular kitchens

  • Wonderfully suitable for modern houses and apartments, beautiful appearance. They are created in different modern styles: minimalism, high-tech, modern, classic.
  • Compact and functional, thanks to which modular kitchens can be used even in small spaces to save space.
  • It is easy to assemble the required structure from different modules of the correct size. You can model your future kitchen in different ways.
  • For modular kitchens use a solid,quality and durable furniture - this is true for manufacturers who have proven themselves in the furniture market and have good experience in the production of such furniture.
  • Large selection of materials. Kitchens are made of wood, MDF, chipboard and chipboard. Each material has its advantages: MDF is not afraid of changes in temperature and moisture, the chipboard is stable, the chipboard gives a chic appearance, as the furniture is laminated with a film, the wood is environmentally friendly.
  • Each module usually has about three options. If necessary, the modules can be purchased or replaced, thereby creating new kits. Doing the self-assembly is easy: all modules are standard, a special professional design project is not required.
  • It is easy to calculate the cost of the kitchen yourself, and also to pre-design the geometric parameters of the kitchen. Usually the modules are quickly delivered from the warehouse, you do not need to wait for the headset to be manufactured.

Disadvantages of modular kitchens

  • A large kitchen with different features in the interior is more difficult to furnish modules.
  • Low-cost materials are used for production.
  • A small variety of finishes.

Modular finishes

Linear kitchen

Traditional kitchen layout -The working area is located along the wall. Ideal for rectangular rooms. The cooker and sink are located next to each other and separated by a small working surface. In the complete set of such kitchen there are floor and hanging lockers. Modules can be arranged simply, which gives a large room for decoration.

Double-deck kitchen

Minimal finishing, furniture is located on twowalls opposite each other, open shelves are included. This option is suitable for those who plan only to cook and store food in the kitchen. The dining area should be located elsewhere.

U-shaped kitchen

Suitable for spacious rooms, work areais located on three walls. The dining area is either absent or located near the fourth wall. Assumes a large number of built-in technology, functional.

Corner kitchen

Suitable for square kitchens and elongated rooms, saves space. The working area will be at an angle. In different ways, you can combine lockers and shelves.

Peninsular and island cuisine

Can be used for large areasand in apartment-studios. Some of the functions are located in the center of the kitchen - on the "island" (a separate working surface) or peninsula (bar counter). Such kitchens are very elegant, but it is difficult to find modules for them. Assumes expensive materials, exclusive design.

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