With the advent of 2-story beds for manyparents concerned about the comfort of the interior of a children's or a teenage bedroom, there are fewer problems. Convenient, absolutely safe 2-level bed allows you to equip the life of two single or multiple-sex children from 4 years old to full age.

Effective ideas are relevant not only for parents. Pay attention to https://www.mebelok.com/wooden-beds/filter-37-262/ bunk wooden bedspresented in the online store catalog FurnitureOK. Based on the technical description of models,parameters of the sleeping place (length - up to 2 meters), strong 2-level beds harmoniously fit in the interior of the hostel, student hostel, children's camp, etc.

For a bed consisting of a construction-bookcase, not only aesthetics is important. The priority of quality is reliability and strength, under the weight of two users, furniture should not sag and crumble.

Who recommends 2-tier bed models

  • The main and most mass audience of clients onbeds of 2-storey type - parents of two children. Ergonomic design, providing (as an option) an integrated niche for clothes, bedside table, etc., fit into the style concept of even the smallest room in an apartment or apartment house
  • Two-level furniture is purchased by people who have frequent visitors, visiting relatives. With this approach to the organization of their sleep, to lay a mattress on the kitchen floor is no longer necessary.
  • A 2-tier bed is the ideal solution for a child and a nanny. If your grandmother, aunt or specially hired person is forced to bring up your baby, living in one room is often inevitable.
  • Beds with extra bed ormodel-transformers - a reasonable choice of parents planning a second child. For babies will need a baby cot, but with access to the kindergarten, the baby will confidently master the private space allotted to him.
  • Beds-hills or lofts - themed models with special comfort. Children are very fond of intricate furniture, in which it is easy to "hide" and even play. It is so easy to fulfill their desires.

Secrets of the correct 2-level beds: what you need to know for buyers

When buying a bedroom furniture it is important to pay attention to its quality. Among the basic points, we highlight:

  • the stability of the frame, the reliability of fasteners;
  • hypoallergenicity, naturalness of materials (wood, textiles, chrome parts, etc.);
  • Orthopedic mattress of reinforced stiffness (for children and teenage users);
  • absence of sharp and sharply projecting corners, capable of provoking injuries;
  • an uncomplicated climb to the upper tier of the bed, and accordingly, a safe descent.

For a good 2-level bed, the price is also important. Reasonable investment - in a model of solid beech or pine in a stylish color interpretation.

In order for the children's bedroom to be equipped "turnkey", order in the tone of the bed other functional furniture - writing desks, cabinets, bedside tables, etc.

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