Winter cold in the middle belt is quite severe,so many owners of private houses are thinking about the insulation of the walls. Wooden houses from the timber can be insulated in several ways, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. When you intend to begin to insulate the façade, it is worth getting acquainted with the most common technologies. This will help you choose the option that will be optimal for both price and appearance.

What is a ventilated facade?

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Wall warming solves several problems at once. The most important are:

  • increasing the energy efficiency of the wooden house, thereby reducing heating costs;
  • the struggle with drafts formed with the drying of wood and the formation of cracks;
  • the ability to quickly change the appearance of the building;
  • additional protection of walls from adverse factors;
  • removal of the dew point beyond the outer wall.

Ventilated facade allows you to successfully cope with all these tasks, and the house of the bar becomes even more attractive and picturesque.

An important constructive factor is the availability ofslots. The boards can not be tightly fitted to each other for several reasons. First of all, when swelling, the wood can be shattered, so that the additional shell will become uneven or create increased loads on the crate and walls of the house.

Bacteria, fungi and insects will feelyourself in complete safety, if the finish is solid. Their activities can lead to a decrease in longevity. In addition, the destruction of the finishing materials themselves can begin. Therefore, it is better to strictly adhere to the technology.

Thermal insulation of the house with additional platingof planken or block house is hardly a new invention. To make it, the frame from the bars is first packed. In areas with a harsh climate use a heater - mineral wool, polyurethane foam or other materials. The distance between the thermal insulation and the wall must be at least 40 mm. It is this air layer that will make the facade ventilated. Free air circulation will not allow insulation to get wet, and boards that are mounted on top of the heater and frame will not rot.

A very popular variant of warming houses from a bar- Creation of planking from planken or block house. The best wood for the manufacture of materials for exterior decoration - Siberian larch, because it is not afraid of neither frost nor moisture. Beautiful and durable skin is often used in the reconstruction. The house looks like new, and the heat loss decreases several times.

How to mount a heater

The ways of fixing the heater depend on the choicematerial. To insulate houses from the beam, leaf varieties can be used, which can be conveniently laid between packed carcass bars, prefabricated blocks, and foamed materials. These effective heaters are applied in a liquid form and solidify directly on the wall.

When using mats, the facade lathsproduce in such a way that the distance between the bars was slightly less than the dimensions of the insulation. In this case, it can be attached to the gates, without the use of dowels. Larch boards, which will cover the facade, completely hide the material from curious views, and at the same time take care of its protection from precipitation.

In order for the design to retain itsproperties, you need to take care of preserving the free space that provides air ventilation. If the insulation blocks protrude beyond the battens, you will have to fill in additional slats to provide the recommended clearance.

In places with strong winds, additional wind protection is important. Builders usually use special membranes.

Options for finishing the house

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The choice of facade decoration materials is not easyoccupation. Some owners are trying to preserve the atmosphere of a wooden house. In this case, it is best to use planken or block house from larch. If your city often rains, it is better to use an oblique plank. The moisture will fall less inside the structure, and ventilation will not be disturbed. You can order quality block house, planken and other materials from Siberian larch in the Lesinter catalog.

Those who can not afford naturalmaterials, manufacturers offer synthetic lining. Wall panels made of steel, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement not only cope with the warming of the wooden house, but also give it a stylish modern look. In some cases, use clinker tiles or porcelain stoneware. And the owners of houses built far from civilization, part of the southern facade can be covered with solar panels. Sheathing will ensure the operation of basic household appliances or, at a minimum, establish a lighting system.

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