The erection of residential buildings has always been in the priority of the construction industry. For many centuries new technologies from completely new building materials were searched for, created and implemented. Modular wooden houses - a new method of erecting buildings,rapidly gaining popularity. European countries have been using the construction of modular homes for many decades, Russian construction companies are engaged in the erection of such structures recently.

Thanks to the rapid erection availablecost, reliability and durability, anyone who wants to buy a property can buy a ready project or develop a completely new option. The cost will depend on the complexity of the facility, the materials used, and other related nuances. In a word, each of the buyers has the opportunity, based on monetary opportunities, to create their own project at home. Prefabricated modular wooden houses for year-round living - this is a full-fledged construction almost identical to traditional brick buildings, except for the price.

On the construction of modular houses

Rural real estate in Russia until today was divided into two types of wooden houses:

  1. From a woody massif.
  2. Frame and frame-panel structures.

In the first category when building a buildingLogs, log-pent-walls, glued non-shrinkage wood materials, including CLT-boards, were used. The second, which was incorrectly called wooden, consisted of a wood frame, and the walls were built from: chipboard, OSB and plywood. Fences were filled with foam, sawdust, mineral insulation. Each of these options has its own disadvantages and advantages. They are known by many, and there is no need to dwell on them separately.

Today, Russia is using a completely newconstruction technology - wooden modular houses. The price of such a house is ten times cheaper than brick analogues. The scale of the structure is completely different - from a single-story country house to a large cottage year-round residence of a complex architectural design. For today it is one of the most quickly constructed construction technologies. Modular house made of wood is assembled, in the likeness of a designer, from finished elements in production. Ready-made modular units are mounted among themselves already on the construction site.

There are two main directions for the construction of houses:

  1. Mobile phones - houses on wheels (trailers), structures of container architecture for frequent change of a place of dislocation without dismantling.
  2. Stationary buildings - houses and cottages for year-round or temporary residence.

In the first variant the modular house from a treeis designed and built in connection with frequent transportation for the modernization of the internal space. The exterior of the structure must meet the requirements of aerodynamics, vehicle properties, the width of roads and so on.

Modular wooden houses


Stationary modular construction of houses fromtree gives unlimited possibilities in terms of fantasy architect or customer. Here you can build simple constructions (utility rooms, temporary buildings), medium complexity (single-story apartment houses, summer houses) and complex ones (huge cottages of unique architecture, shopping centers and even sports palaces) from modules. Europe, in particular an architectural bureau called "Weingartner Architects"in Hamburger, from modules designs and erects even skyscrapers.

In Russia there are companies that manufacturemodules for future buildings in own enterprise. First they harvest ecologically clean wood, renting for this purpose woodlands. Then, after pre-treatment, the prepared raw materials are sent to the production line - workshops equipped with modern high-precision equipment. And from the finished products collect modular houses from the tree minimalism, classicism, high-tech or other style architectural projects.

Varieties of materials and construction technologies

New technologies, including foreign ones,To use it is possible absolutely differently: to drive for export or, having bought the corresponding equipment to introduce them in the state. And sell products to the same Europeans, only in the performance of the Russian manufacturer. So do not all act, but many domestic producers. Working primarily on the domestic consumer, they nevertheless export their products to European countries. The products of the domestic manufacturer are:

  • high rigidity of construction in high-rise buildings;
  • affordable price for modular wooden houses;
  • the ability to create and implement any architectural ideas and projects;
  • fast construction time;
  • long period of operation;
  • strength and reliability of the structure;
  • the choice of any of the existing options for interior decoration;
  • ecological materials.

Modular houses made of wood - a new turn inbuilding industry. The Russian manufacturer is in the first positions in popularity. This means that our modules comply with European standards, are valued for quality and affordable, especially for the domestic consumer.

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Modular wooden houses

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