School holidays are about to end - Augustflies by quickly. And the new academic year is not far off. It is worth taking seriously the choice of such an important thing as a school backpack, because the quality of the portfolio will depend on the health of the child, and, accordingly, the choice will directly affect the mood of the student. With the choice of the optimal option will help, where there is a large assortment of backpacks for both boys and girls.

Below are the models that schoolchildren and their parents prefer, information about why these backpacks took the leading positions in the ratings of many online stores.


This German brand is not in vain takes the first placein the list, since the company's priority is the health and comfort of the child, so many parents prefer this brand with high quality products. According to Otzovik website reviews, DerDieDas backpacks are perfectly cut and sewn, have retro-reflective elements (which makes it possible to see the child in the dark), and an ergonomic backrest (repeating the contour of the spine). An interesting feature, liked by many, is the system of adjustment for growth. This backpack is more suitable for boys. The only drawback can be considered only the price - the average for Russia is about 16 000 rubles.

Hama Touch Butterfly Dancer

Another product from Germany. The backpack has a modern design and a high level of quality. A distinctive feature of this knapsack is the Reflexite material, which is used for sewing police and fire uniforms in Germany. According to the reviews of the online store Lycsac, backpacks are very popular due to their high strength, intelligent system (Easy-Adjust-System), which allows you to adjust the satchel in height, as well as water-repellent impregnation that protects the contents of the backpack from moisture. The manufacturer has added a large number of patch pockets, with which you can significantly increase the capacity of the knapsack. This backpack will appeal to both the boy and the girl. The average price of Hama Touch Butterfly Dancer in Russia is about 14,000 rubles.


The only satchel from the list -domestic production. When creating each model, the age and physiological characteristics of future owners are taken into account. Ergonomic orthopedic backrest in school backpacks along with additional straps distributes the load on the child's spine evenly. According to the Otzovik website, these backpacks are in demand due to their practicality and low cost. The average price of the model Mike Mar Oxford in Russia is about 4500 rubles.

Hatber Compack Plus

Attractive design combined with affordableat a price make this backpack a hit among schoolchildren and their parents. According to the Otzovik website, these models are relevant due to the loyal price. The average price of the Hatber Compact Plus model in Russia is about 3000 rubles.

Any of the described models of knapsack has its ownfeatures that may interest many parents, and if you do not have budget constraints, it is best to choose DerDieDas production model, as today it is one of the most high-quality and practical products. If you need a simpler and inexpensive backpack - consider Mike Mar OXFORD or Hatber Compact Plus.

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