Technological tests of different materials canprovide for the determination of the temperature limit of material brittleness. LLC Impulse is engaged in the sale of test equipment of its own production. Devices are widely used for conducting the experimental part of the research and laboratory analysis of the products.

Purpose and methods of application of devices

With the help of devices for determining the limitingmaterial brittleness temperature, it is possible to detect the highest and lowest temperatures at which the test material breaks or breaks. During the experiment, the specimen is cantilevered and bent. Pre-cooled, it bends to critical values. Then there is a blow at a constant speed. The temperature recorded by the sensors can serve to compare the selected material. But it is not the lower or upper limit of operating temperatures.

For testing different materials, there arecertain methods. So, for the rubber test there is a GOST 7912-74, and a detailed test procedure for different plastics is set out in GOST 5960-72 and GOST 16782-71. They include:

  • dimensions of material samples;
  • parameters of the shock force;
  • ways of cooling and raising the temperature.

Conducting experiments using existing methods guarantees the accuracy of the results and the correctness of the conclusions.

Scope of application of devices for precise determination of the temperature limit

Laboratory research of materials is conductedbefore using them in production. After production, it is also subjected to a selective strength test. Only confirmation of technical indicators can be an excuse for launching a batch into the sales network or selling on the wholesale market.

It is necessary to use such devices not only forlarge enterprises, but also to private inventors. When starting a piece production, it is very important to be sure of the correctness of calculations and the suitability of the materials used.

Such machines can be used in the process of teaching students of technical universities the discipline "Resistance of materials." They provide visibility of the processes and serve the earliest learning of the material.

How to buy devices for determining the temperature limit of the brittleness of materials?

To select the right equipment, usecatalog, presented on the website of the company "Tmmarket". Using the filter system, which is located on the left side of each page, you can greatly facilitate and speed up the search.

To get an explanation of the procedureuse of devices, the method of payment and delivery, contact the company manager. You can do this on the phones listed on the site, or by sending an email.

Logistic relations of the company "Тпмаркет" allowDeliver the devices to all regions of Russia in the shortest possible time. To see this, buy the company's products. Many enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and educational institutions of the Russian Federation use devices manufactured by the experimental plant "Impulse". Join them and you are among them.

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