Trousers with arrows are a mustan attribute of classical and business styles for both women and men. The history of the appearance of arrows on trousers begins in the 19th century, when in garment factories pants were packed in packages so tightly that later the buyers simply could not get rid of the dents that had formed. This encouraged fashion designers to introduce them into fashion.

In our time, how to iron trousers with arrows,they do not know everything, but almost everyone needs it. In fact, this is not so simple, but experience and continuous practice will help to bring this process to perfection. It is noticed, that at men arrows on trousers turn out much better, than even at the good mistress. Therefore, it is best to see with your own eyes how to stroke arrows. If this is not possible, our article will help you to learn this important process.

So, let's get down to the story of how correctlyiron the arrows. First, carefully iron the trousers yourself. Start with the belt area, then iron the pockets, and then the trousers themselves. Turn out the pants inside out so that gloss does not appear from ironing.

Now go directly to the arrows. We will direct them from the front, to avoid the appearance of the aforementioned gloss, ironing is necessary through a thin wet cloth or through gauze. Now fold the pants so that the side seams of each leg match with the inner seams. As a result, all four seams should strictly lie on one straight line. If the pants are of good quality and cut well, the front darts must match. Gently place the trousers in this condition on the ironing board and smooth out with a hand to begin with. Now start smoothing the bottom leg through a damp gauze, while the upper one is removed to the side. Then turn the pants over so that the upper leg becomes the bottom, and repeat the above process. Now iron the trousers from the outside, from the bottom of the pants to the belt of trousers. Steam irons are best for ironing arrows, - the arrows hold for a long time and do not crumple.

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