"In order to make a person cultured,It is necessary to instill in him a love of art and nature from childhood. This I have been working on in recent years. I have done all these works in order to bring up in children a sense of beauty. That they have a desire to read the book, go to the museum, the theater, go to the countryside or go in for sports "- says Valery Alexandrovich.

Former IZO teacher who now worksguard, painted all the walls of the three floors of the school. 90-year-old Valery Aleksandrovich Hramov works in 168 school in Yekaterinburg for 25 years. At first he taught the children fine art, and after that he became a school watchman, however he did not give up painting. With his pictures the author tries to tell the students about the important: "Here, the work on the first floor is devoted to the seasons. It teaches schoolchildren to protect nature. Through these pictures I tell them: "Love nature, it is the source of our life." It showed the interaction of man and nature. For example, the forester is on duty, monitors the cleanliness and preservation of the forest, grows animals,

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