The miniatures of the remarkable artist Zoya Cherkasskaya invariably arouse interest, because they act like a time machine for a whole generation hailing from the Soviet Union.

Zoya Cherkasskaya-Nnadi (born in 1976 in theKiev, in 1991 moved to Israel) - a member of the creative group "New Barbizon", one of the most famous and most talked about Israeli Russian-speaking artists. Her exhibitions are regularly held both in Israel and abroad.

The program "Time".


Jumping through the goat.

Sour cream.

Two sisters and a friend.

Country house.

"The rich are also crying."

Searchlight adjustment.

To school.

On the lake.

Class monitor.

Yellow leaves.

Mother Anarchy.

May holidays.





Christmas tree bazaar.

The eldest son.

Hairstyle "Cascade".

Train to the south.

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