Geisha are an integral part of the Japaneseculture, custodians of the "real Japanese spirit." Unfortunately, this ritual profession is becoming less popular. If a hundred years ago the number of geishas reached 80,000, now - just over 1,000. They can be found only in the richest quarters of large cities or at prestigious resorts.

Not everyone knows, but initially the role of a geisha performedMen who worked as jesters at banquets in the "yukaku" (entertainment area). The first female geisha was the "priestess of love" named Kashen in 1761. It is noteworthy that the 26-year-old Eitaro is the only living man who works as a geisha. He chose a profession not by accident, following the path of his late mother. After her death, Eitaro and his sister Mike became leaders of the "oxia" (geisha house) in the Tokyo area of ​​Omori. Eitaro and his team of six women are very much appreciated among customers.


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